Meet Julian Klincewicz

Artist, musician, designer, skater… At just 21 Julian has been creating work for some of the biggest brands and artists in the World – Kanye West, Vans, Gosha Rubchinskiy and ACNE Studios to name a few. In this episode of “WE ARE JOURNEYMEN”, we explore Julian’s philosophies on life, freedom, and creativity.

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The Home and Work of David Best

Driving down a gravel driveway tucked between 4 or 5 barn like buildings, my mouth literally dropped wide open. I had just driven 7 hours to Marin County, a community built mostly around farming an hour North of San Fransisco. The house is owned by David Best, the famed artist known for designing and building the ornate “Temple” for Burning Man each year.

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We’re hitting up our friends from around the world and assembling playlists of the music we’re all currently vibing. Every few weeks we’ll be posting a new playlist, both for you to enjoy and for us!

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